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2020-09-13 03:30:28 .by[-O-marky]
all the stuff should be back. backend software was updated which broke 17 year old code hence the downtime.

think i fixed most of it, hit me up on irc / discord if you find something broken

New submissions & an update on accepting demos
2016-05-01 16:36:26 .by[-O-marky]
Zyax has sent in a massive upload of cpm.1 demos to take a lot of the first place times. Congrats Zyax! 

We also got new submissions from the old school player Rody as well as a new demo from EKSelenc, see here.

Just a heads up for going forward. New demo submissions must follow the SpeedCapture demo format naming convention and the name referenced in the demo must be the same as your previously uploaded demo names (including case sensitivity) otherwise your demo(s) will not be uploaded.

Fixing these is a long, tedious process which must be done by hand and since these should all be handled automatically by Defrag, I'll simply reject the demos and ask you to fix them before resubmitting them.

Server Rebuild
2015-07-14 06:13:51 .by[-O-marky]
A couple of weeks ago, both hard drives had died in the server powering speedcapture.com. As a result, a full rebuild was done from backups and no data lost.

speedcapture.com also supports ipv6 now as well, enjoy.

SpeedCapture Online Server
2014-09-19 19:51:39 .by[-O-marky]
With the help of and neti of http://q3df.org, there is now an online speedcapture.com ranked server that is part of mDds record system. My hopes are to allow North American players another server to play on while allowing me to troubleshoot Defrag bugs that are incredibly hard to reproduce :)

Still alive!
2013-10-20 14:36:25 .by[-O-marky]
Still alive! Just slow going. Maverick of MaverickServers is working on some cool demo2avi stuff. Will be looking to use his service in the future to convert old and new demo submissions to youtube videos as well with ranking table entries linking to their respective runs on youtube.

2013-03-25 04:45:33 .by[-O-marky]
New release 1.91.22 came out a few days ago. Fetch it here http://q3defrag.org/files/defrag/defrag_1.91.22.zip

Defrag 1.91.21 released
2013-01-03 00:37:32 .by[-O-marky]
Defrag 1.91.21 was released today (Jan 2, 2013). You can download it here. You can view the changelog here.

DFWC 2012
2012-10-15 16:13:47 .by[-O-marky]
Good luck to all DFWC 2012 participants! :D

CPM Wallbugs
2012-09-04 00:57:12 .by[-O-marky]
Please read the bottom of the FAQ in regards to demos using the wallbug issue. Basically, if you send a demo using a wallbug to gain massive UPS before starting the timer by via clipping into the wall, we won't accept it.

2012-09-01 04:01:42 .by[-O-marky]
I apologize for the broken updated and RSS pages. Those should be fixed now. I have moved the web daemon from Apache and as a result, those two PHP pages were broken. Everything works now, though. :)

New Runners + Validator
2011-10-30 02:15:17 .by[-O-marky]
Greetings to our new runners KittenIgnition representing Canada and [MoD]W representing Russia! :) Also, nebuLa will be assisting in validating demos for me to help balance the workload. Thanks neb! :D

Congrats esc?eThaD !
2011-10-26 13:12:16 .by[-O-marky]
Congrats to esc?eThaD for currently taking 1st place in CPM.1 ! Nj brosef ;D

Upcoming update
2011-10-10 01:53:20 .by[-O-marky]
nebuLa was kind enough to validate a whole bunch of demos, including some that Felix had sent but that I somehow had missed.. : Well anyways, because of the recent move to a new host, the upload script no longer works so I'm in the process of fixing that. Once it's done, I'll go ahead with the massive incoming update.

New map added - ct3ctf2
2011-08-30 16:19:12 .by[-O-marky]
Added 'Flourescent', more commonly known as ct3ctf2, today. The map was done by cityy and plays pretty fun. You can also download it here:


For future reference, md5sum of the pk3 I'm using to validate against demos is

Have fun.

Host issues
2011-08-28 13:53:54 .by[-O-marky]
Recently, we've been plagued with host issues. I've taken steps to mitigate the issues if they should occur again so hopefully there won't be any prolonged downtime.

Coincidentally, any ipv6 hosts should be able to hit the site using http://ipv6.speedcapture.com now.

CPM Style 1 FC Movie
2011-02-09 03:05:08 .by[-O-marky]
yks has recently created a fastcap movie featuring all the cpm.1 style demos : D You can find the movie here: http://own-age.com/vids/15250/ It features runs from alien, bazz, ben, ethad, kos, nebula, zalabinsky and zyax :)

2011-02-01 13:57:37 .by[-O-marky]

2011-01-15 08:13:17 .by[-O-marky]
I'm on the fence about re-adding this map. Historically, the other ctfcomp0X_XXX maps were disallowed because they, quite frankly, weren't real ctf maps. They were more aligned to defrag maps with flags instead of start/stoptimer triggers. ctfcomp04_golem on the other hand doesn't follow that route as it's actually symmetrical with multiple routes that makes it playable in actual frag settings. That said, I'm interested in hearing your thoughts about whether or not it should be readded. Stop by irc and let me know what you think.

Happy Holidays
2010-12-25 02:16:54 .by[-O-marky]
Merry Christmas ! :D

Grats to nebuLa
2010-12-08 17:09:45 .by[-O-marky]
Congrats to nebuLa for breaking 3.9 on cp23 ;D

Update Days
2010-10-20 02:33:39 .by[-O-marky]
I'll be updating new demos from Thursdays to Sunday night. That means that any demos submitted between Monday to Wednesday won't be posted until the earliest possible day, Thursday. :D

defrag 1.92
2010-09-13 16:33:39 .by[-O-marky]
Somebody asked whether it was ok to use Defrag 1.92 when submitting demos. Yes, you can use defrag 1.92. Playback with demos from 1.91 and 1.92 should work between each other without a problem.

You should however be aware of a bug in defrag 1.92 where if you /kill too fast after crossing a finish line (or in this case capping the flag), your time won't be saved. That includes a demo not being saved. So as long as you're using defrag 1.92, just watch out for that.

RSS & Twitter
2010-08-06 15:28:50 .by[-O-marky]
eS-AL|EN has created a SpeedCapture.com Twitter page that works off the RSS feed, you can you view it here. Thanks AL|EN :DDDDDDDDDD

Upcoming downtime
2010-07-30 00:02:23 .by[-O-marky]
There's going to be a bit of downtime, possibly next week while we move to a new datacenter. Should be only a few hours, ideally.

Updated www.speedcapture.com.pk3
2010-07-24 19:55:26 .by[-O-marky]
KiD since alerted me that the www.speedcapture.com.pk3 is out of date and needed to be redone. You can download it here. The purpose is to propagate a list of .arena files (contained in this www.speedcapture.com.pk3) for maps that don't have .arena files. This way the Defrag UI will show and list the CTF maps that weren't showing up before.

silent_1au added
2010-07-15 16:58:42 .by[-O-marky]
silent_1au has been added now. You can find it under 'Misc Maps Q - Z'.

Regarding Ctf Competition Maps
2010-07-10 09:48:10 .by[XunderBIRD]

To put it in a nutshell, they have been removed because they are defrag ctf. It undermines the whole point of speed capture, and yes we are serious business.

Apologies to those people who sent demos for those maps.

SpeedCapture Promo
2010-06-29 23:57:47 .by[-O-marky]
It's finally done and released !


Thanks to kos for creating the movie and the various runners who made it possible !

TheJudger rocks
2010-06-29 20:51:12 .by[XunderBIRD]

We didn't expect this, but oldschool runner TheJudger just submitted roundabout 180 vq3.1 demos and grounded us for the weekend. Some of them are up to 6 years old, but most of them definitely beat a lot of records and reclaimed the first rank.

Furthermore, we retrained the password to our youtube channel and we'll be uploading content really soon. Apart of my video, there is a surprise coming up.

Speaking of Clockwork, I just wanted to thank Cop and Auri who spend their time on it although I never asked for a video :). I might add that the demos are 2 to 6 years old and yet some of them are surprisingly fresh.

Editted by XunderBIRD on 2010-6-29 20:52:59

New FastCaps movie featuring XunderBIRD
2010-06-19 22:24:24 .by[-O-marky]
A new FastCaps movie has been created by cop with a soundtrack by auri : D It features vq3.1 runs done by XunderBIRD and TheJudger. You can find mirrors to the movie below, enjoy : D



recently updated demos page
2010-05-16 22:29:58 .by[-O-marky]
For those who never seen it before, http://www.speedcapture.com/?page=updated exists to show the most recently uploaded demos in the last 30 days (the link was hard to find evidently). An RSS feed exists on the top of that page as well.

website changes
2010-03-26 16:15:45 .by[-O-marky]
benji was cool enough to fix some problems on the site. It shouldn't look like shit at high resolutions and the navigation on the right now doesn't expand on hover but instead only expands when you click the '+' next to the mappack name. \o/

2010-02-05 17:20:28 .by[MOY]
Dear fastcapper,

Since OPC is dead and some of you still want to use a defrag related forum,
you should check out the Q3DF.org board.
There's a fastcaps thread like on opc which needs a litte more attention tho.
You can find it here.
Also tell your friends about it! 8=D

Old SpeedCapture Movie
2010-02-02 06:57:00 .by[-O-marky]
I stumbled upon the old SpeedCapture.com movie on YouTube for those who want to see the old 2003 movie. :)


Another new map added
2010-01-20 06:08:03 .by[MOY]
The name of the map is phantq3ctf1.
You can download it here.

Looking forward to some wicked demos. :-P

New mappack
2010-01-15 00:06:55 .by[-O-marky]
Added ctfcomp mappack since the general consensus among runners was to add it, so feel free to send times. :)

Rules Reminder
2010-01-06 18:50:40 .by[-O-marky]
Just a reminder for all new runners, all demos submitted must be done offline with the following settings:

g_synchronousclients 1
pmove_fixed 0
sv_fps 125
df_ar_speedcaptureFormat 1

Check the rules page if you have any questions or stop by irc and ask there.

Happy Holidays
2009-12-27 04:26:37 .by[-O-marky]
Happy Holidays from everybody at SpeedCapture.com :)

We're working on a way to stop page reloads for the map navigation side, so give us time to get it working first. Also, idle with us at #speedcapture on irc.quakenet.org if you haven't already.

Requesting more demoz
2009-12-14 03:59:48 .by[MOY]
Ohai tharr.
We are still searching for new demoz on hawt looking maps to put them into the upcoming promo movie.

requirements are
- has to be rec (also including online times)
- map must be gud looking
- would be great if it was vq3.2 XD

Keep em coming

Quake 3 10 Year Birthday
2009-12-02 10:30:21 .by[-O-marky]
Today happens to be Quake 3 Arena's 10 year birthday, hurrah!

new map
2009-11-29 22:34:06 .by[-O-marky]
Added dc_map23 to the SpeedCapture map list. Some of you older players may remember the Quake 3 port to the Dreamcast years ago. 'Blast Radius' as it's called as well as 'Fallout Bunker' were the only 2 new maps to be added, but as 'Fallout Bunker' is part of the MissionPack, and the other Dreamcast Q3 CTF maps are part of Quake 3 Arena already, felt more suitable to just file it under Misc Maps A-E.

Screenshot coming soon, but for now you can download it here:

Upcoming SC Promo Movie
2009-11-05 05:44:35 .by[-O-marky]
Our prosef kos has been in the beginning stages of making a SpeedCapture.com Promo Movie. At the moment the ETA on its completion is unavailable but he is in the process of documenting the creative stages of his movie making adventure. You can read about it here.

More news when it becomes available! ;D

Also, Happy Back to the Future day!

SC Rename tool
2009-10-25 20:44:57 .by[-O-marky]
I wrote a small tool for Windows (requires .NET) to automatically rename Defrag demos to SpeedCapture format, specifically files in the format:


The program itself only renames singleplayer Defrag fastcap demos to SpeedCapture format. So how's it work? Well, quite simply enter a path to the directory containing the demos you want to rename or click "Browse" and select the directory that way. I recommend copying the demos before running the tool of course.

Afterwards, click Load and the list of demos will appear in the listbox. Select the checkbox next to the demo names for the demos you want to convert or click the 'Select all' checkbox to pick them all. Then click "Rename" to rename all the demos. Original files are stored in a newly created directory "Backups". There's also a 'Edit name' checkbox that allows you to change your df_name on all the demos if you have a different name on SpeedCapture's site.

You can download the tool here.

Of course it's beta so if you notice any bugs, let me know. :)

defrag 1.91.x updates
2009-10-15 21:59:06 .by[-O-marky]
Cgg who has been working on updating DeFRaG from 1.91 and 1.92 has added a nice fix for all your speedcapture runners. 'df_ar_speedcapture_format 1' only works for offline demos now, all online demos use the other demo format. :) Also, with the recent release of DeFRaG 1.91, 'respawnpoint set' now stays with you when you map_restart, and also clears when you switch teams. :D

Website Changes
2009-10-15 00:46:57 .by[-O-marky]
As some of you may or may not have noticed. the SpeedCapture website has been redone completely by Pan (maintainer of q3a.ath.cx map archive). I'd like to personally thank Pan for all the work and effort he put into redoing large portions of the website as well as answering my noobish questions at times. :) Thanks again Pan!

Due to public interest
2009-06-28 23:45:44 .by[XunderBIRD]

Let me elaborate on our hatred for quake live. Since our site is serious business, quake live demos do not live up to our standard. They are recorded online and thus are likely to be lagged (there are pretty elaborate ways of lagging), there's no guarantee that the server or client binary was not altered and hence there is no possibility of validation at all. Also it is our belief that a timer exact to the milisecond can't be realised with quake.

If you like bullshit, I recommend that you make your own site. We measure the best, strictly. Gazouille was so nice to fill us in with the boring background, so we can say that it's highly unlikely that our requirements are met in the future. We also like to put a stretch on that we don't belief that by hosting quake life demos, new players are encouraged to play defrag. It's not happening, get over it. Felix out.

QL CTF Timers
2009-06-25 23:31:50 .by[-O-marky]
With the advent of an upcoming QuakeLive update to incorporate more "accurate" timers to CTF maps in the form of X.XXX using a capture timer in the form of 0.001 seconds, I can safely say there will be

NO QuakeLive CTF fastcap section on SpeedCapture.com

Felix prosef can explain why if he feels like posting the reasons.

YouTube SpeedCapture
2009-06-20 22:48:57 .by[-O-marky]
Zyaxbro made a YouTube account featuring runs found here on SpeedCapture :D

Here's the link if you want to view the channel :)

2009-06-19 01:03:17 .by[-O-marky]
Some of you may have noticed the SC domain wasn't working for a day or so, sorry about that. Had a little, erm, problem with the OS. Should be sorted now hopefully.

... and counting!
2009-06-13 00:14:30 .by[XunderBIRD]

To be perfectly frank, there are older defrag sites in existance. For a little ride through history and other nostalgic reasons, I'll just refer you to these pioneers, albite none of them have updated their sites for a few years, so I may count them as discontinued.

Axelays vault

Mastermatts site

Gambits site

In other news, I can't be a furry because "Hell hath no furry like a woman scorned" and obviously I'm a big burly man. Voices of the public claim that a newsboard is no forum though, and Marky has the big meaty fingers of someone who likes to touch raw mincemeat...

Longest Running
2009-06-12 23:38:49 .by[-O-marky]
Yup, it appears to be true. After we checked out other defrag sites using breakdown-hq links we noticed we're one of the oldest domains to be registered for defrag that's still currently running, hurrah!

Also, XunderBIRD is a furry.

2009-06-12 19:17:09 .by[XunderBIRD]

Just to add my cake to the party, after further investigation it is our belief that we are the oldest still operating defrag site. A mammoth amongst elephants so to say. Kind of ancient but I just love the fur.

7 years old today
2009-06-12 01:08:11 .by[-O-marky]
Just glanced at /whois output today and noticed that yesterday, June 10th marked the 7 year anniversary of SpeedCapture.com!

Created on: 10-Jun-02

Here's to 7 ongoing years, and more years to come :)

new leader
2009-06-06 11:13:49 .by[eS_sc0pe]
Kiddy just took the lead in the cpm2 rankings.
It was about time mate :)

Domain change
2009-05-23 07:36:39 .by[-O-marky]
Zyax has been kind enough to transfer domain ownership of speedcapture.com to me, as such http://www.speedcapture.com no longer forwards the URL.

Also, because of the domain transfer, a new email has been setup at records@speedcapture.com so send new submissions there from now on. : D

little delay
2009-05-13 00:17:26 .by[-O-marky]
As some of you have noticed, the overview/ranking tables haven't been updated yet. Unfortunately there's some problems I have to sort through first before making it work, it'll get done. I swear :)

upcoming updates
2009-04-19 06:22:54 .by[-O-marky]
Going to have an upcoming update probably sometime this week with the way scoring works. Presently, if two runners tie, the runner who submits his demo after the initial record setter gets 2nd place and thus 4 points, instead of 5 points. The  new system will set it so a tie for X amount of runners = same points. This is experimental so if the community doesn't like it we can always revert back or figure out another method.

2009-03-29 04:40:30 .by[eS_sc0pe]
Congratulations to WaZzUp for taking over the first place in vq3 mode 1 !
Keep the nice demos coming mate :)

Editted by eS_sc0pe on 2009-3-29 22:27:59

Another new map added !
2009-03-25 09:11:34 .by[eS_sc0pe]
We've added k-concrete to our map-pool today.
Have fun playing it :-)

Editted by eS_sc0pe on 2009-3-29 22:27:53

79 new demos
2009-03-24 06:45:30 .by[-O-marky]
Nice work to r3v|WaZzUp sending in 79 new submissions : D

new map
2009-03-23 04:30:36 .by[-O-marky]
We added a new map, k-3level which can be downloaded at http://q3a.ath.cx, enjoy :)

2009-03-18 04:04:37 .by[-O-marky]
nL-Dex and kiddy.se are currently battling each other for first place on q3wcp14 vq3.2, great demos guys :D

Site Updates
2009-03-15 21:40:33 .by[-O-marky]
Some updates: added the OSP color codes ^8 and ^9. Also signature generation stuff is done, I'll probably release the URL to that in a little bit.

nL-DeX taking vq3.2
2009-03-14 20:03:32 .by[-O-marky]
Nice work to nL-DeX taking quite a bit of vq3.2 times. Great work DeX :D

New & Returning Runners
2009-03-04 16:02:52 .by[-O-marky]
Welcome to some of our new runners, apparaat and adamku5, and even one of the older runners chaoticoz :)

new runner
2009-01-18 05:53:03 .by[-O-marky]
We have a new runner, xR-Kiddy, whose recently taken countless cpm.2 times. Nice job : DDDD

Happy New Year
2009-01-01 02:19:47 .by[-O-marky]
Happy New Year : D

To celebrate, we've added a new map: myth282. Enjoy.

New Email
2008-11-09 23:08:54 .by[-O-marky]
Demos can be sent to sc@noffle.net.

Email's probably temporary until we get a real domain.
If you have alot of demos you'd like to send, try zipping them so it saves us time : D

New maps
2008-11-05 06:08:36 .by[-O-marky]
New maps uploaded in preparation of relaunching the site:

Depending on what happens with the speedcapture.com domain, we may (as XunderBIRD pointed out) use a new email address at a different domain, or use an email address at speedcapture.com. We'll see.

Oh, and theres an RSS link on the updated page.

Demo Updates
2008-11-02 14:58:46 .by[ XunderBIRD]
There's the possibility that we take demos again once record@speedcapture.com is revived. We might change the adress due to spam though. So: preparing the relaunch. Honest. *ducks and covers*

2005-06-09 17:53:45 .by[ZyaX]
I found out why a randomly selected number of demos were unlinkable on the page. It was because of case sensitivity in linux, which wasn't enabled in windows. I don't think you can remove case sensitivity, and thus I am renaming your demos or the your name in the databse. Whichever is most efficient.
So send me demos with the right casing in the future.

demo errors
2005-06-06 16:27:56 .by[ZyaX]
Yes, the page has gone weird and only a randomly selected number of demos can be downloaded of which we havn't found any logic in yet.
To be specific; we migrated from windows 2003 to linux: slackware 10. All the demos which were there when we were running windows are in their respective folders now when we are running linux. But appearently some code in the site itself doesn't like a some demos, or in fact doesn't find them. Hence that what the black links are, when the site doesn't find the demo file.

If you have any idea of what the problem could be you can contact me via irc

A couple of new maps
2005-05-12 23:31:17 .by[ZyaX]
I have added a few new maps to the site. They are cpmctf3, cpmctf4 and cpmctf5. You can find them all in this map pack, not separately though, havn't found anywhere to get them one by one yet.

Good luck and have fun :)

Radical changes.
2005-03-26 14:17:26 .by[ZyaX]
Yes, there will be some radical changes here depending on how people from sc.com vote and post on this thread I've submitted on OPC.
Do not hessitate to register and speak your mind if you havn't already.

2005-03-24 03:31:59 .by[ZyaX]
xb rox.

2005-01-14 17:05:02 .by[ZyaX]
to make everyone a bit more enthusiastic. I'll write a little something here.

The map q3tourney6_ctf has been capped under 2 seconds (in cpm) recently. Impressive laser! ... and no I won't try to beat him on this one ;) I think my days of frantic capping are over folks.

The domain name
2004-10-28 19:21:52 .by[ZyaX]
As I think you've noticed www.speedcapture.com has just been a redirect to sc.zyax.com since I took over this site. But now www.speedcapture.com has been transfered and is working perfectly.

You can still use both, but I suggest you use the original one: www.speedcapture.com. Because I will remove the substitute address sc.zyax.com in the future. Not soon, but it will happen.

4000 demos
2004-10-25 18:44:02 .by[ZyaX]
About a week ago speedcapture.com reached yet another milestone. 4000 demos, awesome dudes, absorb as much credit as you possibly can :)

He's also back!
2004-09-04 19:53:33 .by[ZyaX]
Your other old friend AIR wen't on a too long break to. He's says he's not so good now after about a year. It'll come back soon mate ;)
I'm impressed by some demos from him from November of 2003, which takes 1st or 2nd place here. Creepy!

However he'll be facing tough competition in vq3.2 against our veteran Genosh and our rookie Toxich. And even more competition in cpm.2 against me, hehe.
Vq3.1 won't be easy either as usual. Nonetheless I think everyone wishes you lots of gl hf :D

He's back!
2004-08-13 12:08:21 .by[ZyaX]
Our old friend Genosh is back from over a year of capless activity. Good thing toxich took his first place so he came back :)
However he hasn't reclaimed the 1st place yet, so I think we all are looking forward to a long lasting battle for first place in VQ3 style 2

Great job guys and gg gl :)

New map: bierctf
2004-08-10 14:58:52 .by[ZyaX]
Well, I don't know how new it is, but it's the newest map in sc.com at the moment :)
You can download it from here and it's in the Misc Maps A-E section.

Demo name syntax
2004-07-26 19:17:47 .by[ZyaX]
I've set up a poll on the OPC forums about which demo syntax should be used here on sc.com. You find it here

Symbi0nt created his own demo name syntax which I think is obsolete to be honest. I think it looks ok, but I'm for standardization, so I vote for the defrag default.

Major update and it feels good to be home
2004-07-22 20:01:33 .by[ZyaX]
Hope you're happy with this +150 demo update now and that you'll start running more now
LAN sucks at least when they're just over. So I'm gonna take a shower and go bed now :)

It's so hard to gather up to a large demo pack, I just have to update my demos to :)

I'm gonna LAN :)
2004-07-15 15:14:09 .by[ZyaX]
I hope you don't break your heart when I say I'm gonna be away for another week :P
Although I didn't recive very much demos during the last week I was away.

Well, sit tight folks :)

Some away time
2004-07-07 13:43:55 .by[ZyaX]
I'm going away for about a week tomorrow, thursday july 7th. Hope you can wait for so long until and update.

It'll be like old times :P

A bit more updates, changes and fixes
2004-07-04 00:58:08 .by[ZyaX]
I think sc.com looks pretty good now. I'm getting more notices about errors on the page, aswell as invalid demos. I know there are still things like these left and I really appreciate that you tell about these things.

I know that there are many skilled defraggers and trickers out there who perhaps doesn't even know about sc.com or just are not inspired. And not to mention potential people, there are quite many who play quake 3, aswell as other computer games.
So what I'd like to ask of you is to try to spread the word a bit, perhaps lure some of your unskilled friends to send in a time on a map which hasn't got 5 records in one physics/style. That will hopefully get them a bit inspired and hopefully get a little competitive and try to beat other times.
I'm not commanding you to a sc.com crusade, but you know, try to get the word out :)
well... a crusade wouldn't be that bad...

Congratulations to toxich for taking the 1st place in VQ3 style 2 from Genosh, come on oTis take the 2nd place now :)

2004-07-01 12:07:15 .by[ZyaX]
I'd like to say hi to two new rookie runners here on sc.com. They've been elbowing their ways through VQ3 style 2 for almost two weeks now and climbed the ranking to 2nd and 3rd place. You know who I'm talking about: toxich from Germany and oTis from Canada. Very nice work guys, keep it up! :)

Also added 2 more maps to the equal section. mikectf1 equals ump2ctf2 and puremap3 equals ump2ctf3. It's nothing new, but it just hasn't been announced on the equals page.

It might also have come to your attention that demos all of a sudden has been disappearing. These demos has been recorded with invalid settings. Before I took over sc.com I watched each and every demo of the actf map pack, it took quite some time. I won't do this now with the rest of the maps/demos, because I don't have that much time since I'm running sc.com now. However, when I coincidentally watch a demo with invalid settings, it will be removed. And I wish that if you spot a demo with invalid setting you tell me about it, I'd appreciate that.

Goodbye to ZIP
2004-06-28 11:25:44 .by[ZyaX]
The reason that symb used rar and zip was to save space on his web hotel, which also made it cheaper. Now however with having about 25GB free on our server it will make it more convenient to watch demos on sc.com. This is easily done with a few changes some files. Everything won't happen at the same time of course, so you will notice some "missing demos" during the next one or two hours. But sit tight it'll done soon.

More maps are arriving to pq3 so you may also experience a slow page during the day.

Ohh, one more thing. I'd like all people who isn't on #speedcapture @ quakenet to pay a visit sometimes. If you don't have an IRC client I suggest you go to mirc.com and get it :)

Demo update and removing
2004-06-27 17:00:43 .by[ZyaX]
sc.com is full of old invalid demos with e.g. g_sync 0 and sv_fps 60 demos. I'll start today with removing these, so be prepared...
Come on guys I've got so much free time updating my email without any demos to update. Come on I dare you to send lots of demos :D

More updates
2004-06-26 20:55:50 .by[ZyaX]
I've re-added Loki's Revenge map pack since I've gotten some bad feedback from a few runners.
About one fifth of the maps are uploaded to pq3, however it will take longer until they are up for download.

Hey there guys :)
2004-06-25 23:17:55 .by[ZyaX]
I hope I'll take just as good care of sc.com as symb has done the last years. gg mate. Wish you the best of luck with your work and studies and in REAL life :)

I've been quite busy these few days prior to today. As you see I've remove Loki's Revenge Mappack because of some lacking respawnoints, slowly opening door (shooting on some doesn't even work) and most maps being very narrow and slow running on. Also the dk_dig due to map bugs. Sorry if some of you are disappointed, but there we're 273 maps on sc.com and there are not very much fewer now. So I won't add more maps unless they are absolutely incredible :) I've also slimmed down the ammount of map packs, although the editing is still a bit flawed. I will continue with the update and give you more hopefully positive news tomorrow.

I've noticed that the page isn't as fast on my server than with the previous web hotel (mostly when transfering rankings aswell as long lists), this is because it's on a Pentuim II 450mhz and a 0.7Mbit upload internet connection. It may be a while until we upgrade, maybe not.

ps: Appearently there has occured some errors while trying to redirect sc.com to my webserver. We are aware of this and working on it this very moment. Until we've corrected it you may use sc.zyax.com.

SC.COM in new Hands
2004-06-25 21:39:05 .by[Symbi0nt]
This is propably my last news on sc.com, because I have to move my focus to my study a bit more than before. In the next couple of month I have to prepare for my final exams, thus I asked around who can continue SpeedCapture.com.

I found ZyaX, who has all the stuff which is needed to continue that webpage well. His webspace is big enough, he has somebody who knows a bit about php / mysql and everyone knows him as a skillfull DeFragger. Thus I hope he will serve the SpeedCapture community well.

In a couple of days SpeedCapture.com will be only a forwarder domain to a server who is hosted by ZyaX, so you don´t have to change your bookmarks. The e-Mail account record[AT]speedcapture.com will be checked by ZyaX in the future. I´ll still be the owner of sc.com because it´s my main e-mail account, but the demos will be recived and checked by ZyaX.

One word to the rules and such stuff. By passing sc.com to ZyaX I also give away all the rules, gfx and so on into his hands. That means, if there is any thing you´ll add to the rules (or what he adds to the rules) only ZyaX is responsible for that. He can add things he or you like. Just ask him.

Of cause I´ll stay in #speedcapture on Quakenet and will help ZyaX with the website, with php (if he want help) and also to include some new features when I´m in the mood to code some new stats. There are some requests atm :-)

So I wanna thank to everyone who supported SpeedCapture.com under my hand with impressive demos, ideas and other stuff. Thanks and don´t stop running, ZyaX want to have something to do with his free time. :-)

ps: from now please write only english (or swedish) in your e-Mail :-)

Country Stats
2004-06-23 23:28:43 .by[Symbi0nt]
Usage by Country for May 2004

Top 30 of 52 Total Countries
# Hits Files KBytes Country
1 54855 27.24% 35877 25.55% 787540 26.40% Network
2 29130 14.46% 16808 11.97% 265161 8.89% Poland
3 24771 12.30% 17186 12.24% 392753 13.17% Unresolved/Unknown
4 21896 10.87% 16601 11.82% 338617 11.35% US Commercial
5 21840 10.84% 17001 12.11% 307922 10.32% Germany
6 15757 7.82% 11203 7.98% 273088 9.15% Sweden
7 4451 2.21% 2975 2.12% 66049 2.21% Netherlands
8 3819 1.90% 3572 2.54% 82920 2.78% Austria
9 3784 1.88% 3108 2.21% 48108 1.61% France
10 1966 0.98% 1722 1.23% 51822 1.74% United Kingdom
11 1773 0.88% 1260 0.90% 29242 0.98% Lithuania
12 1771 0.88% 1141 0.81% 29679 0.99% Norway
13 1614 0.80% 1261 0.90% 17242 0.58% Ukraine
14 1550 0.77% 1287 0.92% 23918 0.80% Argentina
15 1507 0.75% 1152 0.82% 22144 0.74% Czech Republic
16 1314 0.65% 1127 0.80% 19268 0.65% Denmark
17 1275 0.63% 1219 0.87% 26909 0.90% Switzerland
18 920 0.46% 765 0.54% 19129 0.64% Finland
19 801 0.40% 635 0.45% 13504 0.45% Brazil
20 699 0.35% 590 0.42% 19771 0.66% Australia
21 681 0.34% 582 0.41% 10099 0.34% Romania
22 670 0.33% 382 0.27% 15178 0.51% Hungary
23 648 0.32% 566 0.40% 14334 0.48% Canada
24 614 0.30% 399 0.28% 6168 0.21% Slovak Republic
25 605 0.30% 503 0.36% 30451 1.02% Russian Federation
26 603 0.30% 560 0.40% 17094 0.57% Belgium
27 266 0.13% 209 0.15% 5881 0.20% Iceland
28 259 0.13% 255 0.18% 4833 0.16% Estonia
29 247 0.12% 217 0.15% 9156 0.31% Italy
30 240 0.12% 221 0.16% 5378 0.18% US Educational

Browser Stats (May 2004)
2004-06-23 23:26:35 .by[Symbi0nt]
Top 15 of 377 Total User Agents
# Hits User Agent
1 37570 18.66% Mozilla/4.0 (cpt.; MSIE 6.0; Win NT 5.1)
2 25198 12.51% Mozilla/4.0 (cpt.; MSIE 6.0; Win NT 5.1; .NET CLR 1
3 23213 11.53% Mozilla/5.0 (Win; U; Win NT 5.1; en-US; rv:1.6) Gecko
4 22147 11.00% Mozilla/4.0 (cpt.; MSIE 6.0; Win 98)
5 10450 5.19% Mozilla/5.0 (Win; U; Win NT 5.0; en-US; rv:1.6) Gecko
6 8763 4.35% Mozilla/4.0 (cpt.; MSIE 5.0; Win 98; DigExt)
7 7906 3.93% Mozilla/4.0 (cpt.; MSIE 6.0; Win NT 5.0)
8 5133 2.55% Mozilla/4.0 (cpt.; MSIE 5.01; Win 98)
9 4693 2.33% Mozilla/4.0 (cpt.; MSIE 6.0; Win NT 5.1) Opera 7.11
10 4189 2.08% Mozilla/4.0 (cpt.; MSIE 6.0; Win NT 5.0; .NET CLR 1
11 2944 1.46% Mozilla/4.0 (cpt.; MSIE 5.5; Win 98; Win 9x 4.90)
12 2807 1.39% Mozilla/4.0 (cpt.; MSIE 6.0; Win 98; Q321120)
13 2693 1.34% Mozilla/4.5 (cpt.; HTTrack 3.0x; Win 98)
14 2161 1.07% Mozilla/4.0 (cpt.; MSIE 6.0; Win NT 5.1; MyIE2; .NE
15 2001 0.99% Mozilla/5.0 (Win; U; Win NT 5.1; en-US; rv:1.7b) Geck

cpt. means compatible :-)

Additional Rules
2004-05-20 11:37:15 .by[Symbi0nt]
Everybody who send records according to my rules - please read the rules again. The new stuff is marked as blue.

Battle of the Sexes Mappack
2004-05-12 19:14:43 .by[Symbi0nt]
Today I added a old but freshly found mappack. *Battle of the Sexes* is natually an mod for Q3 and yesterday I found the mappack somewhere in the deep world of bits and bytes. You can download the mappack from the mappack page here on my site. The author forgot to add the arena files so I updated my www.speedcapture.com.pk3, thus the map filesnames are visible to the defrag menu.

The little badnews is that the maps are huge and mostly style(2). The spawnpoints are also very strange. Sometimes you respawen near the wrong flag and you have to walk through the whole map to go to your start point. A selfkill down not help and could be frustrating. Well I hope some Weapon-Run lovers will own that map with impressive demos.

I added also the maps: bring and jof3ctf1 (which is very nice), saintctf1, saintctf2, saintctf3

New Maps and 2904 demos
2004-05-09 20:08:18 .by[Symbi0nt]
Hi I`m adding some maps, which are nice. First check if I found a link to download (you have to click the red mapname if you are in the table page)

dk_dig, eggctf1, eg_ctf1 (style(2) only, below 2 seconds?), ev_tpmc, excalibur, mikectf3, pm_incognita, q3melt, zb_ctf_1, temple_ctf1, lrctf Mappak (Loki´s Revenge) ...

g_sync = 1 and com_maxfps = 125
2004-05-08 07:19:12 .by[Symbi0nt]
This is a reminder for all the lazy runners. Please run all records ONLY with that setup described in my rules. I recived some great demos done with wrong setting. Sometimes it is hard to delete such impressive stuff, but if someone else think it´s kinda unfair I have to do it.

Please use the settings from the rules page.

Beta version 1.91
2004-05-07 23:33:27 .by[Symbi0nt]
I already talked to some Runners about his using of the 1.91 beta version. Please do not copy them. I told them the demos are valid but not any further 1.91 beta demos. So don't do it the same way. Thanks

New maps added
2004-04-30 20:46:48 .by[Symbi0nt]
I added some new maps (again :-).

cpmctf1, cpmctf2 (new in the OSP & CPMA pak)

q3dm6-ctf_beta, gregypt-ctf2, gregypt-ctf3

Upload Delay and e-Mail note
2004-04-28 18:58:40 .by[Symbi0nt]
I`m sorry for the latest delay on the uploading task. I recived a lot of e-Mails with demos also from new runners. :-)

I also have a please to all the lazy runners out there. Please fill your subject line every time with a topic which makes it easy to separate your mail from mails which are done by spambots or virii. e-Mails with subjects like *Re: Document or Re: Approved" deleted by me direct from the server. Also Mails with just *hi* or *hello* are imidently deleted. Please do it the ZyaX or TheJudger way: *demo47 from ZyaX* or *TheJudger-demo-040427* or just *demos*. I want to prevent myself from deleting your mails. Thanks

New Maps
2004-04-01 19:59:03 .by[Symbi0nt]
There is a new tblm map out there. tblm9 comes with a repacked pk3 file from the author and contains the additional map. The filesize is about: 22.090.957 bytes. (The old maps are not changed). I found some maps in my database which were only disabled because I wanted to add a picture, but found no time. So I enable the maps without the picture. Trictf, saltctf2, q3jctf6, q3coretctf, puttyq3ctf (that´s a funny map - I hope someone will own that map in style(2) for me), nullq3ctf1, jlctf, hod_ctf, hctf3, catq3ctf01, ame7q3ctf1. For now you have to seek the internet for the map files. Good luck for both challenges :-) Btw. nearly a full update done.

Password in some zip archives
2004-03-27 17:19:08 .by[Symbi0nt]
I´m very sorry about that happen, but ZyaX reports that some archives are sealed with a password. The problem is I don´t know which are protected, so please try to unpack the zip archive with dzdtwk.1977

a few tests are eating my time
2004-01-12 22:25:49 .by[Symbi0nt]
A quick news about the update process. I recived and already watched some amazing demos. Also some new runners were able to send me some demos. I`m very happy about that.

The even worth news is, that I again have to write some test in my technical school. So I`m very busy. In approximate two weeks I will upload every demo.

ps: If you like tactical board games watch out for *carcassonne*, which is my favorite at the moment. :-)

Update done
2003-12-20 15:56:30 .by[Symbi0nt]
Yes it`s done. A full update of ~170 demos is done and no single e-Mail is left. If you found black demos anywhere on my website, let me know.

ZyaX is still flooding me with amazing demos. And it seems that no one can stop him from overtaking every record. Well done ZyaX. There is a bad news for TheJudger. ZyaX is now going to run on vq3(1) :-)

just a note
2003-11-21 09:11:12 .by[Symbi0nt]
I only want to announce that the next update will take much time. There are two reasons. The first is that I have to reinstall my pc, because my opengl32.dll is broken - don't ask me how that could happen. And the second is that I´m again very busy in order to do all the univerity tasks.

Everyone who send me demos should not be sad that his demos are not uploaded in a couple of days. All demos are recived!

Please be patient. :-/

q3wcp23 below 4 seconds in cpm(2)?
2003-10-25 10:12:38 .by[Symbi0nt]
After watching Psychojo´s demo on q3wcp23 I ask myself: who will be the first who can perform a cpm(2) run on that map below 4 seconds. Psychojo, Air, flakk or Zyax?


New Idea and huge update
2003-10-12 20:56:53 .by[Symbi0nt]
Yes I made it. A huge update occured in the last few days. So I hope everyone get exided about his uploaded demos, scores, tables.

Now the interesting part of that news. An idea jumped into my mind to spice up my website again. DeFrag has the possibility to record and count the time between items which has to be to touch. May be someone remember on the DeFrag competition were you have to run from SSG over MH to Rail on dm17. Well, I could use the same stuff to achive competitions on ctf maps. Letz say (for example) sc001 has a file where you have to capture on q3ctf4 from Blue Flag, YA, MH to Red Flag in style(2). Or sc002 on q3w7 Red Flag, Rail, YA, Blue Flag in style(1). I would like to have feedback by e-Mail feedback[AT]speedcapture.com or on irc #speedcapture @ quakeNet first. If someone has the feeling to play these types of competitions.

I guess I would set up dead lines to add demos. And then I would add a special page where every demos-pak (!!) can be downloaded. Of couse with a comment who was the fastest in vq3 and cpm. May be the Top3, but not more.

Please some Feedback first.

Changed and added Stuff
2003-09-28 11:03:19 .by[Symbi0nt]
At the moment I´m cleaning and adding things like map screenshots, mappacks. I´ll made changes to maps, which maybe not everyone will like. However, I´ll move some maps like mikectf1 into the right mappack. For example geit3ctf1 becomes actf30, q3mckinley becomes puremap3 and some others will also moved. You´ll still need the original map to see the demo. But please run futher records on the mappack named-map.

I´ll remove also maps from TOP 5 running, which are boring or at least to easy. This will occur on oli3ctf1, whoohaa and also (because they are equals to the q3w? maps) to q3wctf2 and q3wctf3. These maps are no longer a part of any ranking. I´ll keep every first place from any rule. That means you can still run on that maps, but you have to beat the first place to see your demo uploaded. I think that is fair.

Ok, I also have a good news. *AIR* send me a note that a new mappack with 8 maps has been released. Move your eyes to the right side. The TBLM Pak is online and ready to run on. You can find the link by surfing to the mappack page. Have fun.

More to come.

a new breakthrough by Belth and KiD
2003-09-27 17:19:10 .by[Symbi0nt]
I think it has something to do with my *special* rules. First people got angry about the fact that there are not a rule where jumppads are allowed and no weapons. But It`s nice to see, that this special combo of rules turn runners and defraggers into people who think about new technics to run a map which is normally not possible. OBs and HOBs are well known and since Camping Gaz, Michael Flatlay found OBs on q3ctf2 and q3ctf4 also this type of map is not anymore without demos on style(1) at least in cpm physics.

Today, I recived two demos where the name tells me that there are runs on q3w3 done in cpm(1), which is almost impossible and q3tourney6_ctf in vq3(1) which seems to be also impossible. But belive it or not, Belth has done it on q3w3 and KiD on that space ctf map. Congrats!

Browser Statistics
2003-09-10 10:27:40 .by[Symbi0nt]
As I did that ages ago, I`ll again share my Browser statistics taken from August.

Top 15 von 316 Anwenderprogramme
# Anfragen Anwenderprogramm
1 53303 36.22% Mozilla/4.0 (MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1)
2 18846 12.81% Mozilla/4.0 (MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; .NET CLR 1
3 12776 8.68% Mozilla/4.0 (MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.0)
4 6831 4.64% Mozilla/4.0 (MSIE 5.0; Windows 98; DigExt)
5 6628 4.50% Mozilla/4.0 (MSIE 5.01; Windows NT 5.0)
6 4306 2.93% Mozilla/4.0 (MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.0; .NET CLR 1
7 4268 2.90% Mozilla/4.0 (MSIE 6.0; Windows 98)
8 2673 1.82% Mozilla/4.0 (MSIE 5.5; Windows 98; Win 9x 4.90)
9 2669 1.81% Mozilla/4.0 (MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1) Opera 7.11
10 2365 1.61% Mozilla/4.0 (MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.0; Q312461)
11 2306 1.57% Mozilla/4.0 (MSIE 5.5; Windows 98; .NET CLR 1.0.3
12 1511 1.03% Mozilla/5.0 (Konqueror/3; Linux)
13 1157 0.79% Wget/1.8.2
14 1092 0.74% Mozilla/4.0 (MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; MyIE2)
15 986 0.67% Mozilla/4.0 (MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; Q312461)

Letz flame :-)

Cvar Violations and Settings
2003-09-03 22:06:13 .by[Symbi0nt]
At the moment there are a lot of confusing rumors around about cvar violations. The new Defrag 1.9 reports so much new cvar stuff sometimes that I think the half of the runners are cheating all the time. There are reports of timescaling, g_sync, pmove, with and without a value. I talked with gwen, or better he talked with me about matching our settings. We are not sure about the pmove_fixed value, so I decided to delete that value from the settings list. And also some runner which never had a invalid run or a run with little script helpers are now also suprised about e-Mails from me, which I told him he has some invalid demos or cvar violation.

To make it short, I´m in contact with the defrag team to ask here and there about Defrag reportings if they are a violation or may be a bug. Please send your demos without fearing a sc.com ban or something like this. If something seems to be wrong to me I usually contact the runner himself first to ask why things happen in his demo. Nice eh?

Keep on running. Ah btw. Hello to ZyaX from Sweden, Belth from New Zealand, BeneK from Poland, Camping Gaz from France, gellehsak from Canada, gravizapa and orfi from Germany, L!Fe from England, Loke from Norway, nephilim from USA, Od1N from Norway, odin from USA, Psychojo from USA, Reyep from France, StiXten fron Germany and thiste from France.

g_sync 1; record; g_sync 0
2003-08-21 07:55:52 .by[Symbi0nt]
After adding the new rules, which disallow changing cvars during a demo. I noticed that a few amount of demos have that g_synchronousClients 0 string as cvar change. Well, I was wondered about and checked also my cfg - may be I have it elsewhere. And yes, it is a very common script which the most players use to start demos on listen servers.

The problem is that this little important script if playing DeFrag or baseq3 affects your jumphight 45 insteat of 48 units. Which could improve your gain of speed on long strafe/bunny parts of a map.

Please do not use that manual demostart. Use the DeFrag autostart! It´s all about fair play.

Style 3 rules and coding
2003-08-17 10:34:51 .by[Symbi0nt]
I´m on my way to implement the style(3) stuff right now. I updated the rules page and some other pages will follow. Some nice runs are already made for me in style(3). gelleshak has run 5 maps backwards in cpm. Very well.

Taking about cvar stuff. In the past few weeks some absolutly new *tricks* are reported to me - and I have to handly that with care. Some other runners are think it´s cheating some other think it´s not. Most runners are think that using of that stuff is to powerfull while running. So I updated my rules in the common section. Please read it carefully for further informations.

2000 demos and more
2003-08-04 00:22:39 .by[Symbi0nt]
Just a short news item about the 2000 record. The lucky one is *AIR* on ump2ctf6 with his vq3(2) demo. Yes, you are the 2000 record on my website. Thanks also to all the other active, some times active and runners from the past. It´s great to recive still so much demos. Thank you

q3wcp4 done reversi
2003-07-30 14:25:39 .by[Symbi0nt]
I recived a nice demo from k3ve weeks ago, who he run that map in cpm(1) but backwards in about 30 seconds. I was suprised and he managed it to do it better in now 18:XXX seconds. Well, I like that. If someone is also bored of making normal runs, try it backwards. I`ll try to implement tables for stuff like this. Everything which is a run from frag to flag but has nothing to do with be as fast as possible, but is very nice to watch. That will now be style(3). So please rename your demo with a ...-mod(3,nickname).dm_68. So here is k3ve´s demo. I have also a nice demo from Mesta on x3map05 and Zalabinsky on lzctf1. I have also a very suprising demo from flakk but I´m still seeking on my HD to find it. Well, in style(3) if of cause no challenge! All demos will be added equal, the time is just a content of the filename and I´ll sort the style(3) demos by uploadtime, not by time. If someone wanna have a challenge, so try to run q3wxs1 without touching the ground between both flag touchs. Only RL and the pillars.

Tiny feature added
2003-07-28 14:20:21 .by[Symbi0nt]
If you are someone who check my website mostly for updates, you´ll find it usefull to click now on the bold updated string on the left site. I added a page which contains all uploaded demos of the past 30 days.

Movie Of The Day @ planetquake3.net
2003-07-18 17:19:31 .by[Symbi0nt]
I´m suprised that our video released ages ago is NOW *Movie Of The Day* at PlanetQuake3.net. So if you are one who does not have seen that movie before. Just download it here.

2 month vacation from now();
2003-07-15 17:39:13 .by[Symbi0nt]
Jipp, my tests are over and I have a great feeling about the results. So most demos are already up and the rest will follow tonight. I´m also planning to da some minor updates add faq stuff and playing with some dynamic stuff. So letz see how can I spice up this website. I also started with vertigo´s improved code. I have to check and understand first before I may update my DB system.

Update soon
2003-07-05 09:53:53 .by[Symbi0nt]
Someone who asked me in IRC already knows it. I have to write some high school tests in the next couple of days. So I´m very busy at the moment. Sorry to all the active runners. But in approximate 10 days I´ll start with the monster update. 50+ e-Mails are still not updated and I know there is a lot of hot stuff attached. The very first cpm(1) q3ctf4 demo made by Tox|k for example. :-)

May be speedcapture.com´s statistic sector will also be improved by vertigo´s data base enhanced query´s. I have to check that also after the tests.

Please, be patient.

ump2 and some pictures updated
2003-05-02 00:45:08 .by[Symbi0nt]
Finally I menaged it to add all map pictures. So the complete picture overview is complete again. Well, as you can see on the right, the ump2 mappack is added also. Well, may be some one like the one or the other map. So come on an spam my mail addy with demos of it. A little quest for our cpm(1) runners. How to run on ump2ctf4 without violating the rules for style(1)? Well should be easy to find. My best run is 15,4XX but I think 10 seconds are possible. :-)

Yellow records?
2003-04-22 22:08:54 .by[Symbi0nt]
Yellow time? The record is not older then 14 days. Like the DeFrag *new* :-)

1727 demos and 100 runner !!
2003-04-20 22:34:58 .by[Symbi0nt]
Yeah the 100th runner is V3rBaL from France. Congratulation! The 101 is Dream from russia - also hello to you. And thanks both for some good runs.

What´s new? CeTuS has send nearly 50 demos to start a little comeback on certain maps. Well done, coz he almost beat every single first place.

Some words about *AIR* from Canada. He is so amazing! He is very good in vq3 AND cpm runs. I don´t know how he can handle both physic types as well, but he did. In the past month he did some so aweful runs - it´s crazy. You want a prove? Check his q3wxs2 vq3(2) run: 1:200 seconds (the fastest run every). If you are a vq3(2) runner, download the demo and don´t watch it. First start to beat this time without the how to demo. Also some other mapdemo´s are very well.

Ah, as I said it I have done a full update and host now 1727 demos. *puhh*

last note: check out B0´s halterra1 HOB!

1.543 demos and full update
2003-04-13 17:00:15 .by[Symbi0nt]
Yeah Boys, you did it! From today I host more than 1.500 demos with speed inside. I´m very proud about that.

In the last few weeks the most amount of demos came from Samynix, TheJudger, Zalabinsky and Air. They gave me the most work on my website. So many thanks to you boys and also to the rest which is active on speedcapture runs.

About that cheat stuff. It was very shocking as I recived some mails about cheating in DeFrag. I thought noone would ever cheat in a mod which contains only action around moving and weapons skills. No aimbots or walhacks are very usefull in defrag. Well some dudes used a cvar issue to get smoother movement or so. I don´t (and don´t wanna know) exactly what it was and how it works. I recived some e-Mails and query which DeFrag version should be used by now to perform SpeedCapture.com valid runs. I every time answered use DeFrag 1.8, because I think that noone has to use strafehelper or rocketdamage modifications to run in a ctf map from flag to flag. So boys use the defrag of your choice you´ll be valid at my website. Maybe I´ll check from now from time to time a demo via gaz´s dll´s but I think I´ll not recive any invalid demo in the future.

Someone noticed surely that some TA pictures are still not available on my website. It´s a Photoshop problem. I got my new pc and saved my recorded PS-action on my old PC. After including the PS-action in at my new PC no size was the same as before. I´m a bit pissed about that. So, what´s new also? Ah, B0 tells me that ump3 is released so I´ll take a closer look later this day on the 7 maps. I hope that this time the maps are more style(1) friendly. If so I´ll add the maps asap.

So one bad news at the end. I´ll propably remove the Threewave - Zoid mappack which contains q3wctf1 - 3, because the maps are mostyl equal to q3w1 - 3. The most runs are a copy of the q3w? runs. So it´s not very usefull to keep the old versions of the most played quake 3 ctf maps.

Btw. 99 runners so far and the update includes all demos until 05.04.2003 :-)

TA Maps
2003-03-30 10:44:32 .by[Symbi0nt]
I added some TA maps. Please check the right frame - if you are a TA lover. And please always check my [ download ] page first. If you are looking for download locations.

Full update done (which includes all demos recived until 2003-24-03).

Update in a few days
2003-03-24 09:15:12 .by[Symbi0nt]
This is a shot info. I have to write two tests in the near future. So my focus is all about that. The update will occur right after the tests.

Just a note: I got 45 e-Mails so far with mostly 1 - 10 demos. So the next update will be huge again.

I am glad that you are still in a hurry when carrying a flag. :-)


Ok, I made a small update with some old demos and I think it´s important to know what -vertigo- has done at q3ctf4. Check out his new 1st place demo. (He was 1st and has improved his place by 1,2 seconds). He wrote me in a mail: Camping Gaz found a new method on q3ctf4, uses hob from top platform. [...] I will get this faster soon. Pray that he isnt´t right :-) I know that q3ctf4 is full of HOB´s and I had that idea that someone should check if it is possible to perform an HOB from the top Rail platform, but I´m such an unprofessional HOB-Man that I leave that stuff to more skilled ppl. Well done -vertigo-! My sweetest dream is that someone use a HOB to run q3ctf4 in style(1).

lost demos found and my Birthday
2003-03-03 14:55:50 .by[Symbi0nt]
What a suprising! After I got my new PC I had to reinstall all my e-Mail addy addresses in Outlook Express. After adding record[AT]speedcapture.com and all the other private e-Mail´s I added also the so called catch all e-Mail addy from SpeedCapture.com and WOW! what´s going on? 24 mails showed up in my OE and nearly 20 are filled with demos for my website. So if anyone had missed his demo it will be included in that monster update (all in all 160 demos to watch).

This time I say hello to some new runners: Samynix from Norway, Wavey from Sweden, T-MaC from Canada, k3ve from Switzerland, ArKles from Spain, 2bad from Sweden, Reyep from France, FEARdos from Russia, Mesta from France, Screamer from Germany, Tox|k from Canada and trant from UK. Well that´s a lot. Welcome every one of you on my website I wish good luck for further runs.

So whats up with our IPL games? After the first match we had to face the nobles, which are a mixed Europe team and very well in cpm. So, we did our best but not very successfully. The first map was q3wcp5 and the nobles played only with 4 player. I thought all my prayer was carefully listend by the quake and cpm gods but the nobles (swelt was not present) beat us 5 : 1. What a shame. Well second map was q3wcp9 and the luck-factor was completly gone as the nobles told us to wait some minutes, because swelt well be on in a few minutes. A 5on5 is always more funny as a unfair 5on4. So we played the map as well as we possible and the result was 14 : 5 for the nobles. Good game and Good luck for the next games. I´ll add the screenshots shortly.

So then we had to face a clan from france : FHk (Flag Hunting Klan). Well the plan was to play on wendsday, but 20:00 pm we had not 5 players or better, not our best players together. So we asked for more time, and the cool FHk guys telled us there is no major problem. Well time had passed and more and more problems showed up and the end of the stroy is to play the match on last monday. The result was as we predict it, we won both maps. We won the frist map q3wcp5 by 24 : 3 and the second map 14 : 2. Good Luck and cool CTF Promor Video boys.

Well the playoffs are now over and the 1/8 finals are the next challenge. We had to face the clan Phobia from UK which was the 1st place winner in its group. We´ll see what happen.

Rules Update
2003-02-13 10:20:02 .by[Symbi0nt]
I changed the left frame menu a bit to provide a quicker access to the rules and the download stuff. I merged the vq3 and cpm rules to one page and hope that newcomers now read first the rules and then send demos to my mail addy.

I also add a rules item about the demo names. For some of you which are not knows my demo name syntax should read the rules to be up to date.

last note: Fhk-Jamming: do not remove your clan tag off you demo names (according to my rules). Its to late for that, you have to much demos :-p

1277 demos online and FULL update is done!
2003-02-10 00:02:29 .by[Symbi0nt]
Ok, all demos from your e-Mails are watched and online. I have now 1277 demos online and it's weight is 130 MB.

Hello to ratt1e from Russia, Zalabinsky from Finland, Yacek from Poland and Zy4Nk4Li from Germany. Enjoy every demo.

SCT at IPL and demo updates
2003-02-07 11:55:02 .by[Symbi0nt]
Time has passed and my third semester is over - VACATION 2 month. I´m so happy. That´s the reason why I started a bit late updating my site. But belive me step by step ALL recived demos will be up asap. Today I want to say hello to some new runners: ag3nt from Germany (mainly cpm), TheJudger from Germany (well in vq3) and ElDiosdeToRo from USA (cpm). More to come.

Well what is SCT? SCT is the short for SpeedCaptureTeam. We are one out of 32 teams which are proud to be a part of the cpm CTF IPL (International Promode League). Our first game is over against Clan SQ from france.

We have a country mixed team with members of germany, united kingdom and france. Our members are: P3z and 1/2 neo from france, jabba, 1/2 neo, Fleshgolem, Zyankali, Graste, flakk and Symbi0nt from germany and morphy from UK. The team which started his victory on the first map q3wcp9 contained: neo, P3z, Zyankali, graste and Fleshgolem and won that map with 23:1. Second map Graste leaved and jabba joined the team and won 14:2 captures. (Second map SQ had only 4 player, one player droped) Well our start in that cup was very well and a [ gg ] flys to Clan SQ. Our second enemy will be [ nobles ] which are normaly TDM and skilled like gods. But we all think we have a little chance so we don´t wanna give up to early. Ok at last here are the two screenshots from our game.

Good News Part - TA Maps Support
2003-01-13 22:41:30 .by[Symbi0nt]
Now the good news part. I made some experiments with the TA mission pack about adding the mappool from the original id distribution to my defrag without loading the mp menu/code stuff. Well the answer was quite simple.

First create a fresh defrag_ta folder where you should extract a clean mapless installation of the current defrag version. Than copy or move your mp.pk3 file right from your TA CD or so into the defrag_ta folder and rename it into !mp.pk3. With that ! you achive that the content from that pk3 file is loaded before the defrag pk3's are loaded into the quake 3 engine. With that order the defrag mod files (the vm stuff) will override the TA code and voila, we have Defrag with TA maps. It can be that some textures which defrag uses (for example console background) are now changed but that is't important.

Now you can put any TA map which uses TA media files such as textures, roq video files or sound into your defrag_ta directory and now you can run on any TA ctf map. And that's what I want to achive! I love Terra map. Well the most Terra maps are worse in gameplay because Rail snipers are to strong but running with vq3 or cpm physics is so much fun. And now you are free to make your own record on that map type. So hurry up and make some runs. Kineterra1 is no longer the only impressive Terra map at SpeedCapture.com.

I think that stuff sounds great. :-) So I added around 50 maps in the last two days mainly from RedLag, Jamming, Graste and Mesta, so boys if you looking for highscore table updates I hope you'll enjoy the results.

Last notes about CTF maps. I found a website with 4 totaly new ctf maps (at least for me) and I downloaded that stuff as fast as I can. But that stuff is to bad to run on. The screenshots on the website are more impressive than the maps. So if anyone ask in the future why not adding his maps. I'll answer: no, because of gameplay. The Website: Violation Entertainment

Bad News, Good News
2003-01-10 22:21:34 .by[Symbi0nt]
Hello Visitors, Runners, Cpm and vq3 Player. After a long time I'm on the way to make a fresh update on the run section.

But before I start I want to write my first news part. So later this evening there will be a additional news items. I have bad news and good news for you. First the bad stuff.

I downloaded two CTF mappacks. The first is the ump2 mappack with the full amount of 6 maps and the arx (alliance reduX) mappack with 8 maps total. The second mappack was described with Refitted & Ready for CTF & CTFS Well I took a look on the mappack and for my Website there is no need to update the maps to have faster or even nicer runs on 7 alliance maps. The 8th map is a q3dm3 remake with a additional midfield now as a ctf map. Nice Idea, but a 30 MB download for only one new map is a bit useless. So I keep my alliance map pack untouched and can still enjoy the runs on the old versions.

The first mappack ump2 was very impressive on the first look. But after some runs by myself I decided to not add the mappack to my site. If I remember correct there are 4 maps out of 6 where a capture according to rule/style(1) with vq3 or cpm is impossible. You need thousands jumppads or teleporters to enter the midfield and get back to your home base. This really sucks. There is no runnerskill at all if you have to use jumppads on and on. Well The remake of q3mckinley is very nice and fresh with the additional route. But adding the whole mappack for ony one or two maps which are ruins in both rules/styles are possible is also a waste of time/webspace.

Well, if you are idling in #speedcapture you know that I have an open eye/ear to things which you want to have in the maplist. If my mailbox will be filled with amazing runs done on the ump2 mappack I'm willing to add the maps as well. The same procedure is ok for any other map, which is not currently in the maplist. But accept that I want to have more than 1 demo on a new map.

So bad news are over - now two good news. I'm adding demos. (later more...)

Jabba´s SpeedCapture Movie Out Now
2003-01-05 14:32:25 .by[Symbi0nt]
Yeah it´s done. Part one of Jabba´s movie is released. Here his text about the movie:

This movie features the best and coolest promode1-ctf-runs from www.speedcapture.com done with the defrag-mod, and also some ingame-pm1-ctf-szenes.

Download from planetquake3.net
Download from splatterworld.de

Have fun!

2002-12-28 18:44:13 .by[Jabba]
Today a non-SpeedCapture news about a very interesting league. Which has a open CPM CTF Cup.

IPL goes Online
The new online-gaming league IPL is dedicated to Q3 Promode (CPMA), the first cup is a cpm.ctf cup which is open to everyone (even us clans, but cup matches are played on eu servers). Mappool will be w2, wcp5, wcp9 and one custom map (not decided yet which one). During the signup period in the next weeks we will organize a pre-season game as well:
Everyone interested can watch this kick-ass mod on GTV. For further information visit www.ip-league.net and #ipl on quakenet.

IPL goes Online
Die neue Gaming Liga IPL wird künftig (NUR) Promode Turniere veranstalten, wobei CPMA in diesem Fall sich nicht auf cpmara3 beschränkt sondern vor allem promode mit items meint. Der erste Cup ist ein cpm.ctf cup der europaweit vorgesehen ist. Die Spiele werden auf einigen zentral-europäischen Ligaservern ausgetragen werden, der Mappool wird w2, wcp5, wcp9 und eine noch nicht entschiedene custom map umfassen. Während der Anmeldephase in den nächsten Wochen werden wir auch ein kleines pre-season game veranstalten, wo jeder im GTV den mod näher unter die Lupe nehmen kann. Weitere Informationen erhaltet ihr unter www.ip-league.net und im quakenet in #ipl.

updates (slowly)
2002-12-10 19:57:17 .by[Symbi0nt]
Ok, boys the x-mas is coming and my job and girl prevents me from updating quickly so I decided to make it step by step. I'll dynamicly edit this news item, so you can watch which updates are done and which are left.

  • AhFeelGooD: 66 demos
  • Symbi0nt: 1 demo
  • flakk: 4 demo
  • ficsator: 10 demos
  • Smash: 2 demos
  • Genosh: 2 demos
  • nitrogen: 5 demos
  • FoOlBug: 2 demos
  • Graste: 2 demos
  • papri-K: 1 demo
  • herwig: 2 demos

Well flakk from germany shares now the crown of the longest jump which was ever made here in my speed run challenge page with Viper from England - and yes (after one million tries he beat Viper's record :-).

Last note: I update always in alphabetical order, so you can easyli imagine that the first updates are made in the alliance mappacks.

2002-11-27 12:21:02 .by[Symbi0nt]
After 4 month of being online with my website SpeedCapture.com you (!) my visitors and runners made it possible. 1029 demos (to be exact this moment) are online. And each demo is amazing itself.

This update was the biggest update since launch. And Viper from England is one reason why it happen. He has send over 100 demos, nearly one for each map which you can found here at my website. He is a cpm(1) runner which is not as fast as flakk is, but he is challenging the cpm runners. So good luck for further runs.

Also ix-sekira from USA, $ME$# from England and eRRoR from Lithuania are new here and I would like to say hello to each of you.

AhFeelGooD from France has managed it to beat some cpm(1) records from flakk, but flakk is after him and send me as fast as he can demos with faster runs. So AhFeelGooD's records are mostly broken already. If you looking for the longest Quake 3 Jump which was ever done on normal ctf map, so take a look at Viper's cpm(2) run on 17+ctf. He wrote me in a mail: I was fairly impressed by the demo by smesh on 17+ctf, so i tried to copy him, but wasn't getting very far, then this happenedit was exactly my 300th demo on that map!!! i was a little shocked when it happened, i had to watch it again and again just to make sure it was me that actually did it ;)... enjoy Well I think you will be also impressed.

So I'll now wipeout my e-Mail folder, so if you think I lost your demo or so, please send me a mail or as me in #speedcapture. Or resend the demo. I have over 100 mails each with attachments. So it is possible that one or two files getting lost.

The last thank goes out to -vertigo- from South Afrika who send me after a very nice talk about php/mysql and stuff like that his version of the nick_color(): php function. Hi sfunction is twice as fast as my function so I asked him to use his function and he tells me: Yes, you can use it for free and if someone else want to use my function feel free to provide it for free. So I'm happy to use his code by now. I'll put the php function into my download section where everybody can download and use it for free (as long as his notes are not violated).

So, keep downloading and running.

browser stats
2002-11-19 22:19:27 .by[Symbi0nt]
I want to share the browser stats of my website. As you can see there is no Netscape or Opera anywhere in the list. That does not proof that Netscape or Opera a bad browsers. But *my* users does'nt use it.

Requests Browsertype
11448 19.05% Moz/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Win NT 5.1)
8496 14.14% Moz/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Win NT 5.0)
5359 8.92% Moz/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.01; Win NT 5.0)
3356 5.59% Moz/5.0 Galeon/1.2.6 (X11; Linux i686; U;) Gecko
3332 5.55% Moz/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.0; Win 98; DigExt)
3110 5.18% Moz/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Win 98)
2276 3.79% Moz/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.5; Win 98)
2176 3.62% Moz/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Win NT 5.1; .NET CLR 1
1689 2.81% Moz/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Win 98; Win 9x 4.90; A
1402 2.33% Moz/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Win NT 5.0; .NET CLR 1
1243 2.07% Moz/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Win NT 5.1; Q312461; .
1146 1.91% Moz/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.5; Win 98; Win 9x 4.90)
929 1.55% Moz/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Win NT 5.1; Q312461)
857 1.43% Moz/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.5; Win NT 5.0)
813 1.35% Moz/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Win 98; .NET CLR 1.0.3

Hmmm, it seems that Gecko IS Netscape on Linux OS. Which that in mind I have Netscape users by 6% percent of all visitors.

800 demos online and stats
2002-11-14 17:05:45 .by[Symbi0nt]
I'm very happy that my website breakthrough the 800 demos online barrier very easy. Thank your for every demo which enter my mail-folder. It's amazing to see how motivated some runners are to enter the top 5. FHk-Jamming from France send over 30 demos the last two weeks and I think his over all score is growing very quickly. I also want to say hello to the new runners: UbiK from Sweden, ficsator from Russia and genitex from Nepal. Welcome on board.

Some news from the mod-front: The cpm Tables are still under flakk's hand and he managed it every time to break a record shortly after his record were beaten. His score is still above 300 point at cpm(1). Nice Work man. At vq3(1) CeTuS from Lithuania is also still above 300 point with a fundamental gap to boo from Austria who is currently a bit tired to speedcap. No problem here. I note that RedLag from Belgium is after CeTuS and he is high motivated to break here and there some first places. For someone not so surprising but Genosh from Russia is like a tsumani at the vq3(2) front. And what a surprise he has also above 300 points so far.

Today I recived a mail from one of the heads of the ump2 project which tells me that 1) the ump2 mappack is finaly done and 2) that the map McKinley's Vengeance is remade with a complete new entrance which should avoid the spam while playing capture strike. Well I'm very happy that this map is now different. So that's also the news: UMP2 is out now. So grab your copy here. I'll add the final maps next week or so. The best is there is a nice new Terra map which works in vq3. *whoooooho*
So what next. Ah, Terra Maps. RedLag has found a - never noticed before - way at ump1ctf6 to make a capture. I had to check the demo 3 times to realize what he has done. :-)

That's all for the moment - keep running

Last note: check the q3ctf2 cpm(1) runs it's amazing!

movie demo deadline
2002-11-07 16:00:49 .by[Symbi0nt]
Well, jabba who is already in development of his cpm ctf movie will accept demos which can propably enter the movie only until this friday. So hurry up to perform some impressive cpm runs.

5 new maps
2002-10-27 11:30:33 .by[Symbi0nt]
Ok, I know that somebody of you does not like it t orun at maps which are not very common. Well you don't have to. But I want to give also not very known maps a chance to stay here. So I added 5 new maps.
  • oli3ctf1 - a Space map
  • riscq3ctf1 - very well designed
  • riscq3ctf2 - also very nice - cool in cpm
  • Levithian - a wannabe Terra map
  • alkdm10v2 - small, ramps, stairs: cool in cpm

You have to hunt the net to download the new maps. But first you should give my new download section a try. You'll find a lot of mirrow's with ctf maps.

[ goodies ] - [ download ]

I also want to say hello to menace and alekz from Germany. And surprise, surprise Yrim is back! Yeah he decided to run again on (I guess) his favorite cpm ctf maps wcp22, wcp5 and wcp9. Check out his demos, the runs are allmost smooooooooth.

maps have changed
2002-10-24 20:36:01 .by[Symbi0nt]
I decided to switch actf33 with puremap1 (q2 conversation "Stronghold Opposition" - also known from the machinima quake 3 movie CTF-Comedy In Armor) so that the purepack has one more map. But wait thats incorrect. I deleted puremap 2 because the two flags are to close (the base is the neighbour of the opposing base and you can see to a window to the enemy flag - it's so close that defrag stops the recording demo so quicky because it want to start the new recording of a demo that you can't watch the capture). Well, the maps is also not very skillfull because you only have to strafe through a single tunnel to reach the enemy base. Well I added f8sctf4 now because some runs were made on it. I dislike the design and texture placement but at least two runners want to challenge each other at this battleground - so be it.

Site Update
2002-10-22 10:09:54 .by[Symbi0nt]
So as you can see there has been something different from the old website design. First the browser stuff. The new design is compatible with Netscape 6 , Mozilla, IE 5 and some other Browsers, but not with Opera because Opera could not change the diplay style on the fly - its just read only. So Opera user only see mappacks and mappack score tables by click on it, but the maps don't apears. Well please try instead a browser listed above here. So whats new. Well, my website now contains a new ordered maps menu, where you can find a lot of screenshots to each map which is located here and free for running. You can click on a screenshot to enter the page with the choosen map. Well the screenshot site is also nice to seach a map by screenshots. Then I updated the "Map Equals" and "Map Forbidden" pages. If a map is not listed in the mappacks menu, you should take a look in that two pages because I banned some maps from runing with my rules and some maps are equal to others and only different in name. The vq3 and cpm menu is allmost like the old menu, but now you can directly choose your prefer ranking and overview. Well there is also a new ranking system. By click on a mappack a ranking with four tables (one for each mod/rule) will be calculated in realtime and appears in the middle frame after a certain time. To create that script it takes ma 6 hours of brainstorming and coding, so it's far away from being the fastest script ever. But hey, it works. Really new is the goodies menu. The goodies menu contains (for now) two submenus: runners and countries. By click on runners a table with each runner located in my database will show up with some infoirmations about his country and count of runs in vq3 or cpm. On the other hand by click on countries you'll see a table with each country where all _my_ runners come from. At the moment Germany rules SpeedCapture.com.

So I have some things on my todo list:
  • By click on a runner you'll see a table with all his runs may be with a small profile of the runner.
  • adding a download table with the actual defrag version, some maps, tools and download locations to map ftp's
  • adding the tricks section
  • adding the inGame Capture section

So, and at least I think we broke the 700 demos barrier, but my counters are out of order - so belive me :-)

Website Updates
2002-10-19 00:27:54 .by[Symbi0nt]
Quick Note: at the moment (the whole weekend) I made updates. If a page shows german errors or something is'nt working don't send mails - I'm working on it.

Check out the .goodies menu on the right hand. Gizm0 from franced asked me to have a way to click on an runner and a page with all his runs should show up. Well I'm on the way to realize that also this weekend.

UMP2 Beta Download!
2002-10-17 19:58:45 .by[Symbi0nt]
Well, the news about the new ump2 mappack was from may this year. So my last new item was really out of date, but hey check out the ump page and be a part of the beta period. The ump2 beta map pack is out now for testing.

ump2 is comming?
2002-10-15 20:53:40 .by[Symbi0nt]
While surfing to the ump website I read that there is a big thread at quake3world where is a discus about maps for the new ump2 mappak. Well there are some nice screens and betas so far. Just check the thread and provide your point of view to get a new killer mappack at the end of the developing process.

And by the way I readded ump2, 4, 6 and 8 because the new website is very handy with the new (not Opera compatible) pull down stuff.

Here are some links of interesting new ctf (beta) maps. Just tell me in a mail to feedback[AT]speedcapture.com or at the record[AT]speedcapture.com if you like to have the final map into my list.

map[Attack Of The Giant Space Dildoes]

Updates and notes
2002-10-14 19:54:03 .by[Symbi0nt]
While updateing the site with demos. I noticed a bad practice made by a player. He used the url from his clan (or what ever) to record the demo. Well I suggest him and now everyone the following: When you want to have a note to your clan, to your homepage or what ever. Please execute a NOT TO HUGE file at the end of your demo thus the information appears in the console. Thats more helpfull than renaming into myclanis1337ashell.com or add readme.txt files to the demo (I'll delete addons anyway). I hope you understand my point of view.

Ok, now other breakthroughs. Genosh from russia has finally found the way to my website and is going to battle against Sektor and Space, because he is a amazing vq3(2) runner. And one of his skill demonstrations is located at q3ctf2 - easiely below 9 seconds. Congratulation. Well I also say hello to gotcha from Korea (south I believe).

Well, Space from Sweden now try to improve his skill at the cpm site of life and is now after flakk from germany. I think flakk is going to crush Space record scores in some days. But we'll see what happen. May the force with both.

X3 Maps final
2002-10-14 10:26:49 .by[Symbi0nt]
Yeah! It's finally done. The X3 Map pack with 8 new impressive CTF maps is out now. Grab your copy here. I'll add the maps asap.

redesign mostly done
2002-10-12 21:31:30 .by[Symbi0nt]
As you can see, the new design is very plain, but fast and usefull. I'll add tomorrow a frame to the right to have the rest from the old site in.

And for all Alliance Runners, grab that pk3 made by me: www.speedcapture.com.pk3 The Alliance Crew has not added the .arena files to the maps 01 - 27, thus I made it. Put this pk3 file into your defrag directory! Then you cann access the Alliance maps through the DeFrag Menu instead of use the console.
If you are a webmaster from a other SpeedCapture's Website you can take that file too, but do not rename it. :-)

2002-10-11 13:41:54 .by[Symbi0nt]
I plan to update this weekend as much as possible. That contains adding Alliance CTF maps, adding some custom maps. A huge thank goes to nitrogen who found some interesting maps and finally (but more improtant) I have to redesign the site to separate the maps into packages, because 120 maps are a bit to much to scroll. So I think a IFRAME design would be great. Opera, IE and Netscape 6 should be compatible with IFRAMES, thus I hope to have a fast new site until mondey.

Keep your Speeeeeed!

600 Demos online
2002-09-28 20:48:54 .by[morphy]
Sorry there has been no news recently, but Symbi0nt has been busy with other things. So I will now update you with everything in the world of speed caps!
Symbi0nt has been working hard and has managed to finally get every demo uploaded, meaning he has no demos left, apart from ones which are on maps that have yet to be added.
Along with that is the news that we have finally broken the 600 demos barrier!!! Congratulations everyone, and thank you for all the enthusiasm we have received.
Our very own flakk, has finally taken every single cpm(1) map, and has exactly 300 points, at the moment he is unstoppable! Well done flakk!
Sektor has also been working hard, sending Symbi0nt 30 demos! Some of which are very nice, so check out lzctf1(2) and ctctf4(2)!
Vq3(1) is hotting up as boo?s lead is only 35 or more points at the top of the table, over CeTuS, while they have every record barr one in vq3(1) (hf-gizm0 of france has one map).
Since boo and CeTuS have taken morphy?s lead on vq3(1), he has decided to go for the cpm(2) crown, and is currently challenging flakk for that title.
And finally, Symbi0nt is planning to add a new map pak to the site, but he wants to redesign the map selection part of the website, because the alliance mappak is over 40 maps!
So the page will be miles long. So watch out for that.

That?s everything for now folks, keep speedcapping!!

Full Update ...
2002-09-18 17:48:27 .by[Symbi0nt]
Yeah finally. I made the full update. Every demo is online. Enjoy!

500 demos ...
2002-09-06 00:45:28 .by[Symbi0nt]
After 1.5 months, the 500 demos barrier has been broken. It is very interesting to see how many different ways people can run through a map according to my rules. The best example how different they are is q3w7. In cpm(1), vq3(1) and vq3(2), the ways to get through the map are mostly unique. That is what I like and is the reason why I have different rules like vq3(1) -> do not use jumppads etc.

Ok, some news about the Runners. I say welcome to papri-K from France, FHk-Jamming from Agentinia (please use the right settings from now on :-), bang from France (he is mostly using vq3[2]), b3nt from USA (the man with his own "fitness" map and well known from some opc videos) and Zarbon from Australia. Welcome on board fellow quakers. So the best cpm(1) runner, flakk, is about to retire, because nobody challenges him anymore. Well if I could run and bunny like him - I would like to challenge him but I can?t get the gap to below 2 seconds. But anyway good work man. Boo from Austria and CeTus from Lithuania are head to head on most vq3(1) maps. Both are very skilled and are Trickjumpers as well, which always helps.

I'm also very proud to have two demos which are using a horizontal OverBounce Bug (HOB - a Bug in the Q3 physic engine) to perform a Capture. Please check this and those demos. It would be very cool if there are more demos like these with a HOB or OB inside.

Today I start a new Challenge here on SpeedCapture.com. I have currently not written any php code to include a page, but I want to collect some demos now. Please send me "alternative carrier routes for a Capture" for any map you like. (3W and ID maps are welcome). That means for example if you know that at q3ctf2 the capture route with a RJ from the flag to the left or right side is cool but very slow in comparsion with the fastest way - do it. So please perform that capture with style and send it to me. I'll add a new (not limited to 5 rows) table at the end of each map overview for downloading such routes. I hope it is also fun to check out new routes. Please use rule 2 (both physics) for that section.

So, last but not least, check out that new CTF mappack which is still beta. But some maps are very nice!

a quick note
2002-08-29 13:01:46 .by[Symbi0nt]
For some of my visitors who only want to download demos, but dont want to perform such. Each demo can be watched with vq3, osp and cpma (as far as I know). Have Fun!

2002-08-29 11:41:58 .by[Symbi0nt]
Well, some more breakthroughs were made this week. Flakk has managed to break Yrim's 8:008 record on q3wcp9 and stay under 8 Seconds. Wow! He also kicked Yrim from the q3wcp3 (the dustmap) to claim the king's chair and is again the best on that map and now below 9 seconds! Btw. I counted his bunny jumps from flag to flag: only 11 :-) Also some other vq3 runners performed very well. RedLag from Belgium managed to shrink the current best time by 3 seconds on q3wcp13. And morphy from UK (my right hand man) is the first man (on my site) to run JapanCTF (q3wcp1) from base to base without using any weapon or jumppad in less than 13 seconds! Congratulations!

It suprises me each time I see a demo where someone managed to strafe with only 5 or less jumps and reach speeds of 750 - 850 ups and often more ups in vq3. After 2.5 years of Quake 3 and 1.5 years of CTF I never managed that speed in any game or on any public server. Also the cpm runners here are amazing as well. Yrim, flakk and some others are able to run through a map with over 1000 ups (check ctctf2 - current time below 10 seconds) and they dont lost control of the movement. But that's the reason why I like cpm so much (in CTF). CPM is fast, extremely fast - also in real CPM CTF games.

Settings, deals and trickjumps
2002-08-27 12:33:17 .by[Symbi0nt]
I'm proud to have received demos from the new runners CeTuS, RedLag and Deadlock. But CeTuS and RedLag are violating the rules of speedcapture.com. I have talked with CeTuS about how to deal with it and I'll handle it that way: RedLag and CeTuS?s demos are counted at this time, but only when the demo is a first place demo. Every second place or lesser demo will be deleted if it was recorded with wrong DeFrag settings. I think that treating the issue in this way is the right way to respect the work from the runners. I was'nt in the past very strict about my rules and if a run is impressive it will still be available from my site. But please use my settings. I hope CeTuS and RedLag will understand and keep up the good, skilled work.

About the settings. Here at this site I want to provide demos which contain clean maps (no items) and a big bundle of amazing runs through them. That's why everyone should use the setting *Give all, no BFG* I know that it is no advantage to run through a map where all items are still enabled. That's right. But I also want to be a bit different to the offical DeFrag site.

But enough about settings. Here is a little demo called "Sexy Cap" sent to my by exp from Wales. That q3ctf2 Capture is really nice. Check it out.

If some of you have short in-game captures which are amazing and have style, feel free to send them to record[AT]speedcapture.com. Do not send huge full 20 minutes demos with a note that at 17:45 a nice cap is made. I don?t have the web-space to be a download station for that kind of stuff. :-/

I also want to ask for some useful or amazing trickjump demos for each listed map here (mostly vq3 and 3w maps are welcome). I hope to receive some vq3 and cpm short trickjump demos. If I receive demos I'll add a new trickjump section for vq3 and cpm. Please also use Defrag for it. Just load defrag with the same setting but you don't have to change to *CTF Fast Caps*.

That's all for now folks!

New maps
2002-08-25 21:17:40 .by[Symbi0nt]
I added some uncommon maps, to see if they would be funny as well.
  • coldwarctf - should be fun in style 2
  • fi_ctf1m - A terra map
  • geit3ctf1 - I hope that this baby is funny in all respects, styles and physics, because you can rocketjump and doublejump quickly across midfield
  • q3mckinley - like q3mlctf4
  • quartzctf1 - should be funny in cpm,1
I'll add some demos done by myself to on these new maps, and i hope to recieve some more profesionally done ones later.

If you want to download these maps, the bsp name below the long map name will be the link.

exaclty 400 demos online ...
2002-08-25 20:09:35 .by[Symbi0nt]
yeah! I'm very happy to have recived so many demos every day. I recieved 3 demos for wc5 and 2 for wc7 - nice! Take a look.

300 Demos!
2002-08-22 12:52:17 .by[Symbi0nt]
I'm proud to say that now 300 demos are online and ready to download. I would like to thank everyone who gave me feedback and demos.

Some UMP1 maps removed
2002-08-21 20:22:09 .by[Symbi0nt]
I removed the ump1ctf2, 4, 6 and 8 maps and q3w6 because they are not nice map to run on, they are no fun at all. Ok, the Titans map is not as bad as the other three, but I removed it as well.

I want to try and add the overview, some new maps, a CTF map Tricks "section" and the faq and impressum page, all for this weekend. We'll see what will happen.

200 demos online
2002-08-17 01:29:28 .by[Symbi0nt]
Yeah! Ihe next barrier has fallen. After one week since the lauch I recived so many demos, that now I have 200 demos online.

Also some other breakthroughs are made by the people here at SpeedCapture.com.
  • .vq3(1,q3ctf1) < 11s
  • .vq3(2,q3w1) < 19s
  • .cpm(1,q3wctf2) < 8s
  • .vq3(2,q3ctf4) < 4.5s
  • .vq3(2,q3tourney6_ctf) < 4s
  • .vq3(2,q3wxs2) < 2s
  • .cpm(2,lzctf1) < 6s
Great work guys!

Minor changes
2002-08-16 15:48:54 .by[Symbi0nt]
I changed the left menu a bit. There is no separation between the physics anymore and, you'll see the top 5 from each style. I think that?s even faster than before.

The Overview is 100% removed.

45 new Demos online
2002-08-14 01:50:05 .by[Symbi0nt]
*puh* it's done. 45 new impressive demos online. Enjoy!

Just a note about the rules. Sometimes people tell me that his/her run are placed into the wrong section. No it's not. Here is the shortest possible describtion of each section:

cpm/vq3 style I
No Weapons, No Teleporters, No Hovers, No Jumppads to gains speed or claim levels.

cpm/vq3 style II
Everything is allowed, also XTC. :-)

Never the less, you should check the rules to read further about valid records. GL and HF!

About the demo format
2002-08-14 00:54:10 .by[Symbi0nt]
Well most of you send me demos in a DeFrag styled format. Thats ok, but if you want to help me save time on updates please check out the format from the demos here at my webspace.

It's easy to understand: first the map bsp name, then your time (without dot but minus) in a round bracket for example: (00-10-435) then a minus following by the physic style like a function with two values for example: -cpm(1,Symbi0nt) and the .dm_67.


That's all. (Last note: keep your country in the e-Mail)

Demos packed with Zip
2002-08-13 07:00:31 .by[Symbi0nt]
I changed the compression method from WinRAR to Zip. I hope that now everyone feels fine.

wtf is cpg?
2002-08-12 17:47:48 .by[Symbi0nt]
Cpg is a fun value: Captures per Game. :-) A function calculates how many captures are possible with your recorded time in 20 minutes (a Quake 3 standard CTF time).

2002-08-11 02:47:35 .by[Symbi0nt]
Note, that I changed the rules. There are now only 2 different rules in each physics. Its quite easier now. Then I add the mappaks menu to help people to find the maps. And I added some recent records. There are now 30 records. Tip: if a demo wont run with DeFrag, please try the mod CPMA. That mod replays nearly every demo.

How to share your records
2002-08-08 19:38:11 .by[Symbi0nt]

Please send all your Demos to record[AT]speedcapture.com. I don't want to share e-Mail addresses with spam robots, thats why I'll allways use [AT] instead of @. You have to replace it in your e-Mail client.

Website Launch Delay
2002-08-08 02:45:39 .by[Symbi0nt]
I'm very sorry about the Website delay, but not everything runs fine.

Big problems with PHP at my Localhost.
2002-08-08 01:04:10 .by[Symbi0nt]
After a fresh install of MySql, PHP and Apache 2 big problems with PHP Code shows up. It can be that some errors occurs. I hope to fix it fast.

Layout taken from captured.de
2002-08-08 01:02:17 .by[Symbi0nt]
Somebody will known that temporally chossen layout. Well its taken from captured.de - with permission from Tippy/CrashDesign. Captured.de is about to die, thats why I can use it for free.

Hi Everybody ...
2002-07-28 12:20:07 .by[Symbi0nt]
Well this page is still beta, but I want you to check out what is going to be lauched here at my website. Well later more.

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